Fudge_092At the heart of Fudge Glorious Fudge is a commitment to producing the best handmade and homemade fudge.

I have always cooked, my granny was a supercook and my earliest memories are of wearing a too big apron and mixing something special in a bowl. We both had a love of luxury products and making something from the best and natural ingredients.

Fudge_113I would make presents of fudge for people and then, when looking for a change of career, wondered if I could make something good enough for people to buy.

I set about refining my recipes and experimented until I felt confident that I could always produce a high quality product. I started selling at our local farmers’ market, where you will still find me. Fudge_107I now make over 30 flavours and am constantly looking for new and interesting recipes to expand the range.

Please note there is a minimum order of £4.90 and free shipping on all orders over £15.00. So yes, it is cheaper to order 700g of fudge than 600g, why waste an opportunity.